Welcome to Mesivta Emes L'Yaakov/Yeshiva Gedolah of Dallas
Where Good Boys become Great Men!

So many factors go into making Mesivta Emes L’Yaakov the perfect environment for developing solid, successful Bnei Torah.

Experienced, devoted mechanchim. Warm, friendly environment.  Challenging, interactive shiurim, at every level of learning. Guided, constructive approach to midos and mussar. Professional, dedicated teachers and administrators. Healthy, productive extracurricular activities.  Fantastic role models.  All in the warm, nurturing environment of the amazing Dallas Community!

A message from Rabbi Pacht

Dear Parents,

Every parent wants the absolute best for their child. They want him to succeed, thrive, and become a mentch. Ultimately, every parent wants their child to reach his true potential.

I am sure that you are no different.

I would like to introduce you to Mesivta Emes L’Yaakov, of the Texas Torah Institute (Yeshiva of Dallas), and invite you to apply for your son’s continuing chinuch. The Yeshiva, now in its 18th year BH, is at the forefront of Yeshiva education, providing a challenging Limudei Kodesh program, a competitive college-preparatory general studies program, and amazing extra­curricular activities, all designed to bring out the very best in every talmid.

The Rabbeim are talmidei chachamim who have been carefully selected for their warmth, dedication, and ability to relate to the boys and help them reach their full potential.

The secular staff are committed, experienced and qualified, challenging the boys on every academic level.

The Yeshiva focuses on developing strong independent learning skills, and also places great emphasis on mussar and midos. Baruch HaShem, our parent body is very happy with the development they have seen in their sons and enthusiastically recommend the Yeshiva to others.

You and your son will have an opportunity to hear about the Yeshiva, meet the hanhala, some of the talmidim and satisfied parents, and have your own questions answered.

Please take this opportunity to register for a brief event that could have a profound impact on your son’s future.

We are also happy to speak with you privately and set up virtual or live meetings as needed.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have.

Rabbi Shlomo Pacht

Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Tropper
Assistant Menahel

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