High School

The TTI High School / Mesivta is a full 4-year SACS/CASI accredited high school with a dual curriculum of both Judaic Studies and College-Preparatory General Studies.

Atmosphere for learning

The atmosphere at TTI is one of warmth and camaraderie.  The Rabbeim strive to create bonds with their students – to build meaningful and nurturing relationships that will last well beyond their years at TTI.  They are available at all times, day or night, at school and at home, to help a student with a problem, or just to be a friend.  They feel a deep sense of responsibility for the spiritual and emotional growth of each student.  They express this feeling with a unique blend of love, respect and guidance that is the hallmark of a true Torah educator.

An uncompromising Torah Education

The Limudei Kodesh (Judaic) curriculum at TTI can be capsulized in two words: Iyun and Mussar.  Iyun is the rigorous in-depth analysis of the Torah.  Each student must develop his own critical thinking skills, learn how to dissect a problem, to attack it from every angle, until clarity is achieved.  A Gemara shiur is not just a dry lecture, but an interactive experience.

Mussar, the code of Jewish ethics and morals, is the foundation for true Jewish growth – to adopt the Torah not just as a book of law, but as a way of life.  To emulate the attributes of Hashem – kindness, morality, honesty, etc. – and to absorb them into the fiber of our beings – this is mussar.

All of the Limudei Kodesh courses at TTI are designed to gives our students a full breadth of knowledge and understanding of Torah.  Among the topics covered are Halacha, Mussar, Gemara B’iyun, Bekius, Chumash, Hashkafa, and the weekly Parsha. The curriculum is taught at various levels to accommodate the varied needs and capabilities of the students. Additionally, all students attend weekly mussar shmuezin focusing on character development, psychology, relationships and human nature, all based on Torah sources and texts, with practical applications for daily life.

College Preparatory General Studies Program

The General Studies curriculum at TTI is outstanding, uncompromising and very well respected by both parents and educators alike.  The TTI administration, under the guidance of Dr. Gerard Gindt, our Academic Dean, has assembled an exemplary staff of caring, experienced and motivated teachers who are dedicated to helping our young men achieve their academic goals.

The comprehensive curriculum covers all required high school subjects with a minimum requirement of an “honors” level diploma by STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) standards.  It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS/CASI), and received the highest possible ratings by the accreditation team.  State-of-the-art computer and science labs complement the curriculum for hands on learning, and special attention is given to preparation for PSAT and SAT exams in both English and math.

For TTI seniors, dual enrollment college credit courses are offered in conjunction with Richland Community College. This program enables qualified high school seniors to earn at least 12 college credits while completing their 4th year high school coursework.

Student Life

The TTI high school experience is greatly enhanced by extra curricular activities and programming, Varsity and JV Basketball teams, field trips, Shabbatonim and guest lectures.  Our athletic program plays a particularly crucial role in the boys’ development from both a physical/health-related standpoint and an emotional/psychological one.  The Yeshiva basketball teams play in a league with other local private high schools and won the Division II Texas State Championship in 2006.

On many Motzai Shabbasos and Sunday afternoons, the Yeshiva provides scheduled trips and activities.   These activities include bowling, ice skating, arcades and laser tag, attending rodeos, rock climbing, attending sporting events, and much more.  TTI has two major shabbatonim during the course of the year, as well as monthly Rosh Chodesh Mesibos.  These events are designed to create achdus, camaraderie, and friendship amongst the students themselves, and with the Rabbeim, and have proven to be a major highlight of the TTI experience.


Texas Torah Institute’s 6000 square foot student housing facility is located a few minutes walk from the Haymann Family Campus.  Large rooms provide ample space for student living and comfort.  There is a large student lounge with ping-pong and foosball tables, as well as video game systems for student recreation.  A large array of workout and fitness equipment is located in the fitness room.