Extra-Curricular Activities

The Texas Torah Institute high school experience is greatly enhanced by extracurricular activities and programming including our Varsity and JV Basketball teams, field trips, Shabbatonim, and guest speakers.

Trips and Activities

On many Motzai Shabbosos and Sunday afternoons, the Yeshiva provides scheduled trips and activities. These activities include: arcades, bowling, broomball, ice skating, laser tag, rock climbing, rodeos, sporting events, and much more.  These trips and activities add to the student experience at TTI, and provide healthy breaks and outlets for our talmidim.


TTI strives to provide its students opportunities for chesed throughout the year.  Students make themselves available to volunteer at local Kiruv organizations on Shabbos and Yom Tov, visit and uplift the elderly at local nursing homes, and attend and dance at simchos in community to help increase the simcha.


The TTI athletic program plays a particularly crucial role in the boys’ development from both a physical/health-related standpoint and an emotional/psychological one.   Led by Coach Weaver, The TTI Timberwolves have made a name for themselves on both the Varsity and JV level.

Coach Weaver is a seasoned coach who encourages the students to work hard and reap the results of their labor. The experience of being on the team has fostered an improved sense of self, increased self-esteem, and a sense of unity and teamwork among its members. There are basketball practices and games 2-3 times a week. The Varsity team won the TCAF Division II Texas State Championship in 2006, becoming the first Jewish high school in the country to ever win a state title. They were also the 2010 TCAL Class 2A State Runnerups.


On Sundays during the winter months, our High School students are able to choose from an array of enrichment programs. We offer a wide array of options such as: chess, computers, woodworking, basketball, stock market fundamentals, among others.


Texas Torah Institute has three major shabbatonim during the course of the year:  A mid-year 3-day mini-shabbaton, a parent shabbaton, and an end-of-year 5 day trip.

Immediately following the end of the first semester finals, the mid-year shabbaton is designed to give the boys a well-deserved break in the context of building tremendous achdus amongst all of the Bnai HaYeshiva.  On Friday and Sunday, School-wide field trips are scheduled, with all of the Rabbeim participating.  On Shabbos, the entire Yeshiva eats both Shabbos Seudos together, joined by the entire Hanhala and their families.  The singing and ruach that permeate those seudos, along with the Oneg Shabbos that lasts well into the morning, is a source of tremendous chizuk to the entire Yeshiva.

Our annual parent shabbaton in February, is truly a highlight of the year.  In the Yeshiva’s warm environment, parents come for the opportunity to spend time with their sons, meet their Rabbeim, teachers, friends, as well as parents of other talmidim in the TTI Family. They are able to share the experience of the ruach of the Yeshiva that their sons live all year long.  Over Shabbos, they are able to hear from the Rabbeim and spend time with them and their families.Parents are also able to meet all of the teachers at Parent-Teacher conferences on Sunday.

The end-of-year major shabbaton, held in May, runs from Thursday to Monday at Camp Langston, in Mount Pleasant, TX. Situated two hours away from Dallas, the camp provides the perfect atmosphere for relaxation, sports, activities, ruach, achdus, camaraderie, and growth for the students. Activities during the shabbaton include boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, archery, and more. The entire Hanhala accompanies the boys on the trip. The relationships between the rabbeim and the talmidim, and amongst the students themselves, that are fostered and strengthened on the shabbaton, remain for many years to come.


Texas Torah Institute hosts monthly Rosh Chodesh Mesibos, as well as Chanukah and Purim Mesibos.  Generally filled with music and dancing, and many times featuring a guest speaker, these events are designed to create achdus, camaraderie, and friendship amongst the students themselves, and with the Rabbeim, and have proven to be a major highlight of the TTI experience.

Guest Lectures

Over the years, TTI has been privileged to host many guest speakers for the benefit of the talmidim.  Many Gedolim, Roshei Yeshiva, Chassidishe Rebbes, Rabbonim and Mechanchim have addressed TTI students, offering words of chizuk and inspiration.  The Yeshiva has also had the opportunity to host professionals and politicians to share their experiences with our students.

Senior Trip to Israel

After four years of hard work, before graduation, eligible seniors are able to travel to Israel on the annual TTI senior class trip. Usually in Israel for 8 days, and chaperoned by a member of the Hanhala, the class gets the opportunity to tour the entire country, seeing the beautiful sights and visiting Gedolim. Anchored in Yerushalayim, they travel to Ztefas, Tiveria, Chevron, Midbar Yehuda, the Dead Sea, and so much more! The talmidim are able to end high school with inspiration and growth, as they enter the next stage of their lives.