TTI Students in the Community

In addition to Texas Torah Institute’s educational program, the Yeshiva focuses on helping to build the Jewish community of Dallas.  TTI students are instilled with the ideals of chesed and communal responsibility.  They are given opportunities to foster these values through various chesed opportunities and community building initiatives, throughout their time in the Yeshiva.


picTexas Torah Institute students visit local nursing homes and assisted living facilities, uplifting the spirits, giving chizuk and encouragement to residents.  Around the Jewish holidays, they do special holiday programming and sing holiday songs.  Both the residents and the students come away with a feeling of satisfaction from this ongoing program.

Working Together

As a thriving Jewish community, Dallas is home to many wonderful shuls and organizations. Texas Torah Institute believes that part of a Yeshiva’s responsibility in a community is to assist other organizations in their efforts. TTI encourages its students to help these organizations with their programming, minyanim, special events, and shabbatonim. Some of the organizations that have benefited from TTI students are Congregation Ohev Shalom, DATA of Far North, DATA of Plano, and the Sefardic Torah Center of Dallas. TTI students have also traveled as far as Houston to assist in Jewish organizational work.

Night Seder with the Bochurim – for middle school boys

On Tuesday evenings, local 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boys come to the Yeshiva for an amazing weekly learning program with the TTI Bais Medrash bochurim. There is learning, pizza, ice cream, and basketball, along with fantastic monthly trips! Transportation is available from the South Eruv. Pickup is at 6:15 and drop-off at 8:30 is at the corner of Preston Crest and Whitley.




Bagels, Lox and Learning

On Sunday mornings, TTI Bais Medrash Students share their Torah knowledge with members of the community at Congregation Ohev Shalom.  Following shacharis, breakfast is served, and TTI Bais Medrash Bochurim learn one-on-one with members of the community.

TTI Rabbis in the community

In an effort to reach out to the greater Dallas Jewish Community, Texas Torah Institute Rabbis are involved in a variety of community Torah learning initiatives.

TBT of Dallas

Tiferes B’nei Torah (TBT), an affiliate of is a movement created as a social environment – a community within our communities – where a young, working Ben Torah can find his place – a place where he can learn, a home that would stimulate him to grow, and an environment that would nurture a sense of connection. Over the last seven years, TBT branches have popped up in cities across the world.  Texas Torah Institute’s Community learning program is proud to partner with TBT to provide the following advanced level classes, all given by TTI Rabbeim:
Wednesday: Hilchos Shabbos shiur given by Rabbi Yaacov Cohen from 9:15PM – 10:00PM followed by Maariv.
Thursday: Chavrusah learning preparing Maarah M’komos for Sunday’s Iyun Shiur from 9:15PM – 10:00PM followed by Maariv and chulent.
Sunday: 8:00 AM Shacharis followed by an Iyun Gemara Shiur given by Rabbi Daniel Ringelheim.  (breakfast is served).

Adult Education

Texas Torah Institute rabbis study one-on-one with adults throughout the week in various locations in Dallas.  On many days, TTI rabbis can be found in office buildings, conference rooms, and in the Yeshiva, imparting their Torah knowledge to the greater community.


picTexas Torah Institute hosts monthly Rosh Chodesh Mesibos, as well as Chanukah and Purim Mesibos.  Generally filled with music and dancing, and many times featuring a guest speaker, these events are designed to create achdus, camaraderie, and friendship amongst the students themselves, and with the Rabbeim, and have proven to be a major highlight of the TTI experience.

Guest Lectures

Over the years, TTI has been privileged to host many guest speakers for the benefit of the talmidim.  Many Gedolim, Roshei Yeshiva, Chassidishe Rebbes, Rabbonim and Mechanchim have addressed TTI students, offering words of chizuk and inspiration.  The Yeshiva has also had the opportunity to host professionals and politicians to share their experiences with our students.



Senior Trip to Israel

After four years of hard work, before graduation, eligible seniors are able to travel to Israel on the annual TTI senior class trip. Usually in Israel for 8 days, and chaperoned by a member of the Hanhala, the class gets the opportunity to tour the entire country, seeing the beautiful sights and visiting Gedolim. Anchored in Yerushalayim, they travel to Ztefas, Tiveria, Chevron, Midbar Yehuda, the Dead Sea, and so much more! The talmidim are able to end high school with inspiration and growth, as they enter the next stage of their lives.