Are You An 8th Grade Yeshiva Boy? You're invited to join a SHABBOS TO REMEMBER in Dallas, Texas!


Shabbos Parshas Shemos

Thursday, January 16 – Sunday, January 19

  • Meet warm dedicated rebbeim and friendly bochurim!
  • Fun trips, delicious shabbos seudos, dynamic shiurim, Melave Malka and more…!
  • Make new friends and amazing memories!




This year’s Shabbaton begins Thursday, January 16th at 4:00 pm and ends on Sunday, January 19th  at 10:00 am.

Preferred arrival time at either Love Field or DFW International is between 12:00 and 4:00 pm. Please schedule departure between 12:00 and 3:00 pm on Sunday.

The Yeshiva provides pick-up and drop off at the airport.  Please contact us if your son will be traveling as an unaccompanied minor.

Your Son’s Stay

Dedicated and experienced counselors and Rebbeim will be supervising the Shabbaton and your son for the entire duration of his stay in Dallas.  All sleeping, eating and other accommodations will be arranged by the Yeshiva.

Please register with us and arrange your son’s fight.  There is no charge for the Shabbaton.  Detailed schedule and packing list will be provided upon registration. An application to the Yeshiva is not required, and Bechinos and entrance exams are not part of the Shabbaton. Bechinos and entrance exams will be available on Sunday by request and will require an application to be completed in advance. Applications are available by clicking here.   If your son will be taking a Bechina and entrance exams, please contact us so times and fights may be scheduled appropriately.

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Sample Shabbaton Schedule


This is a sample schedule and specific details are subject to change

Thursday –  1/16

4:00 –Arrive, unpack, settle in.

6:30 PM –  Go out for Dinner with Beis Medrash bochurim

7:30 –‘Get acquainted’ night activity at Top Golf

9:30 PM –  Arrive back in Yeshiva.

10:00 PM–  Maariv

Friday – 1/17

7:40 AM – Shacharis, followed by breakfast

9:00 -Mussar shiur on Parshas hashavua from the Rosh Yeshiva

9:45 -Orientation with Rabbi Pacht, Menahel (Discuss goals and expectations of the Yeshiva.  Answer questions from the boys..)

10:30  – Gemara iyun Shiur with Rabbi Rodin.

12:00 PM – Lunch

12:15  PM – Ruach Trip- Indoor surfing!

3:00 PM.- Prepare for Shabbos

5:30 PM – Mincha/Kabalas Shabbos/Maariv and followed by Seudas Shabbos

8:30– Oneg Shabbos – meet the community

Shabbos – 1/18

8:45 AM – Shacharis, followed by Kiddush,

11:00- 11:45– Seder in the Beis Medrash with chavrusos

11:45-Shabbos Seuda with the Yeshiva

Supervised free time after Shabbos Seuda.  Rest, play games, relax.

4:50 PM – Mincha, Shalosh Seudos with Yeshiva, join Yeshiva Mussar Shmues, Maariv, havdalah.

7:30 PM – Motzaei Shabbos activity- Indoor Obstacle Course or Trampoline Park,  followed by Pizza Melaveh Malka, kumzitz.

Sunday, 1/19

8:00 AM – Shacharis followed by breakfast and….

Goodbye! Thanks for coming, we hope you had a great time!!

For more information, please call the Yeshiva office at (972) 250-4888 or email